Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Podcast Mystery

I like looking over the statistics for the podcast, relishing in what seems to me to be high numbers of downloads. I have no idea how our numbers compare to other podcasts, but I like to think we have a good number of listeners.

One thing that puzzles me to no end, though, is why some episodes get far more downloads than others. In particular, Episode #2 on Here I Stand is by far our most popular episode--substantially more than twice as many downloads as any other episode (even the other popular ones). So I put it to you--any ideas why that episode is the most popular by such a large margin? I'd love to hear some ideas. Is Here I Stand just that popular?


  1. It may be a combination of Here I Stand being both popular and complicated. A lot of people seem to have a fascination with the game.

  2. Maybe. I hope that it's not that the show peaked in the second episode . . .