Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ivanhoe: Where's the love?

If you know anything about Euro-type games, you've heard of Reiner Knizia. He's one of the most prolific game designers out there, and some of his games--notably Tigris and Euphrates, Through the Desert, and Samurai---are seen by many Eurogamers as among the best of the genre.

I'm not that much of a Eurogamer--I prefer wargames and less "elegant" games--but there are a few Knizia games that I quite like, including Tigris and Euphrates. One of Knizia's most underrated games, though, is Ivanhoe, published by GMT in 2000. It is a very good game--simple rules, fast playing, tense, and well balanced. I simply don't understand why more people don't like this game. If you like Euro-type games, check it out--it's well worth your time.


  1. What always impressed me about Ivanhoe is how well the gameplay matches the theme, despite it being a fundamentally abstract game.

  2. I agree--it feels like a series of different battles.

  3. Ivanhoe is a massive favourite in our group. I don't like it much, because it's too long for what it is, but the boys keep asking for it.

    Bruno Faidutti likes Ivanhoe, which is always a good sign.